Latest Windows 11 Update With Multi-Tab File Explorer Feature

Latest Windows 11 Update With Multi-Tab File Explorer Feature

Latest Windows 11 Update With Multi-Tab File Explorer Feature

Latest windows 11 update With Multi-Tab File Explorer Feature- Let’s discuss redesigned Windows 11 File Explorer with multi-tabs options. This is one of the most awaited features of File Explorer. There are 3rd party file explorers available with this type of feature or functionality. However, these new multi-tab features would be giving the first-party experience with Windows 11.

This multiple tabs feature is not available for Windows 11 production version. This will be available for future versions of Windows 11. Some of the Windows 11 insiders received this feature and the feedback that I have heard is really good.

Recently, I also got an opportunity to test Windows 11 File Explorer multiple tabs feature. The initial release of multi-tabs gives a great experience for the end-users. I was expecting Microsoft to provide MS Edge multiple tabs experience into File Explorer after the first few products releases.

I’m sure Microsoft will have multi-year plans to complete the full set of File Explorer developments. I have seen all the Microsoft features come with an option to request new features. Microsoft product group is available on various social media platforms such as Twitter, and LinkedIn to get feedback from the end-users and IT pros. This is the opportunity to request new features!

Another interesting development that I have seen with the latest versions of Windows 11 is the OneDrive Status bar integration with File Explorer. This gives a first-class user experience to get the status of OneDrive synced folders from file explorer itself.

OneDrive integration with File Explorer is also an exciting feature that I’m looking forward to for the future production releases of Windows 11. At this point in time, this is available only with Windows 11 Insider versions.

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