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Benefits of Home Sleep Test

In case you are suspecting that you are suffering from obstructive sleep apnea (OSA), you will make sure that you have a study performed on your so that you can be sure that you are truly suffering from this condition. In case you want to test for the OSA, you will have two option to use. You may decide to use the polysomnogram or the home sleep test. The polysomnogram will be performed in a sleep test lab and a technologist will need to supervise you overnight. With the HST, you will be performing the sleep test by yourself. When you sleep in your home, you will wear the home sleep test. The HST is simple and easy to use. The sleep test method that is commonly used i9n the industry is the home sleep test. The home sleep test has many advantages and they are explained more here in this article.

The home sleep test is preferred by many due to its cost-effectiveness. The home sleep test is cheaper than the PSGs. As a patient paying for the sleep test from the pocket, you will find the HST affordable. Because the home sleep test is cheaper, insurance companies are also preferring it. The number one sleep diagnosis is the home sleep test for most of the insurance companies.

You will also choose the HST due to its comfort and accessibility. Choosing the home sleep test is far much more convenient and comfortable. There are some patients who will not like the idea of sleeping in the lab overnight. You may also be living in a remote location, so reaching the sleep center that is located in town can be expensive. There are some medical conditions that will make the stay at the sleep center a daunting task for some individuals.

It is easier to schedule for the home sleep test. You can easily schedule to visit a sleep test facility to pick the HST, rather than booking the beds. There are a specific number of beds at the sleep center, and this will limit the number of people that can be attended to per night. For the diagnosis process to be successful, you will need to have a technologist monitoring you. However, one technologist can only supervise two patients in a night.

The home sleep test will be ideal for patients with high-risk sleep apnea. Besides the idea that the home sleep test is used for high-risk apnea patients, it can as well be used to measure the extent of the condition.

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