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Top Steps to Consider When Getting Your Trucking Authority

Starting your own business and applying for a motor carrier authority are huge decisions to make. It is a tricky process to get a motor carrier number for trucking. There are a lot of areas that need to be addressed such as what type of authority you need, who requires the motor carrier number, what are the charges involved, what kind of exceptions exists, and what steps of the application need to be taken among others. There are steps you need to follow for you to get your motor carrier authority number. The following article will highlight to you how to obtain your motor carrier number and become active to be able to transport cargo.

The first step to being taken when applying for an MC number is to open a firm in your state. The type of the company you open does not matter, it can be a sole proprietorship, a limited company, and so on. You can open a company through the state’s website but depending on your state, you might be required to go in individually.

The second step for getting your trucking authority is to get the MC and DOT number. You can access the website of FMCSA and fill the application for DOT and MC number. You need to be very careful when filling this application to it correctly because your application can be denied if you make a mistake or put something which is not true.

The third step is to file the boc-3. This is one of the forms that is needed by FMCSA before they get to activate your authority. This is normally done through a third party. If you have hired someone to this on your own behalf, this step also needs a lot of care.

The fourth step is to file a unified carrier registration. You are going to be charged depending on the number of vehicles on your fleet. This is a form that is renewed annually.

The last and the final step for getting your trucking authority is to obtain insurance. The amount, as well as the kind of insurance all, are determined by the kind of motor carrier authority you are applying for. After your insurance agent has filed a proof of your insurance with FMCSA and the previous steps are followed, the next thing you will do is to wait. It should take approximately two weeks from this point then you get a letter from the DOT showing that the motor carrier authority is working and that you are ready to carry cargo across the states under your MC and DOT number.

It is good to note that after your motor carrier authority has been activated, you have to make sure also you have the base plates and that you are enrolled in the needed alcohol and drug testing program. You now own a business and you have to ensure that your workers are screened, checked, and tested before being hired to drive for you.

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